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Modular Flip Top Office Tables

Modular Flip Top Office Tables

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Product Description



Tables with a flip top that may be easily released simply by pulling a single catch and then pivoted through 90° from horizontal to vertical. Tables may then be nested together to save space or moved through doorways with much reduced risk of damage. Full details of sizes/shapes etc available as a pdf download here.

For details on fliptop office desks and other ranges of Office Furniture contact our sales team on 01384-480030, or by email here.

£ P.O.A.

Flip mechanism


A single central pull-release catch allows the top to pivot. When the top is rotated back to horizontal the catch engages automatically.

Open layouts


Rectangular and trapezoidal tables may be used individually or arranged in a wide range of open configurations.

D-end tables


We offer D-shape tables that fit acros the end of two rectangular tables placed back to back, forming a D-ended table. A similar arrangement can be created using trapezoidal tables in place of D-ends. Both D-end and trapezoidal tables are freestanding and do not need to be linked to adjacent tables, although we offer quick-release linking plates if a rigid connection is desired.



Y-frames offer a distinctive visual design with the practical advantage that a user sitting at the end of a table can slide their feet under the base. Y-frames are fitted with large diameter total lock castors, on which the lock prevents the castors both from rolling or swivelling.

T-frames on castors


T-frames are available fitted with glides or lockable wheel-brake castors. With these castors the wheels may be locked to prevent them rolling.

T-frames on glides


T-frame base on glides. Glides offer the advantage that they may be adjusted individually to compensate for uneven floors.


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