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Fulcrum Table on Wing base

Fulcrum Table on Wing base

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Product Description

Fulcrum Table on Wing Base

Barrel shape table on wing bases, in maple with birds-eye maple inlay and frosted green glass cable management tiles.

Fulcrum offers a range of exceptional tables for executive offices and for meeting and conference rooms.

Tables are offered as standard in widths up to 5000mm and diameters up to 1500mm, with an extensive choice of top shapes and base/leg options.

In addition to our standard veneers we offer inlays of burr and exotic veneers, which are also available on cable management flaps and tiles.

Top shapes

  • Rectangular
  • Barrel
  • D-end.
  • Oval
  • Circular (straight or radial veneered,  where the veneer grain is laid in ‘pie slices’ forming a radial pattern on the top surface.


  • Pedestal bases – a slim round column on a Satin Stainless Steel circular footplate
  • Wing bases – featuring a distinctive, design-registered profile with solid timber nosings. Cables may optionally be routed though the base
  • Box bases – a substantial rectilinear base that especially suits rectangular tops and square edges. Cables may optionally be routed through the base
  • Column bases – 300mm diameter timber columns on a circular footplate capped in Black or White glass, or in Satin Stainless Steel. Cables may optionally be routed through the base
  • Arrowhead bases – the classic arrowhead base. We offer optional 'cloaking panels' that fit across the point of the vee, enabling cables to be routed discreetly behind
  • Poseur bases – a high variant of pedestal base supporting small circular standing height tables.

Cable Management for Tables

Cable Management Tiles: optional lift-out tiles provide access to a high-capacity cable tray into which sockets may be located at any point. Tiles may be specified in a matching or contrasting veneer (including ‘feature’ burr and other exotic veneers), or in White glass, frosted Green glass or Black mirror glass. Glass tiles offer the additional benefit of providing a heat and liquid resistant surface.

Cable Management Flaps: hinged flaps giving access to a cable tray which can accommodate sockets and excess cable. Flaps are available in matching or contrasting veneer, as for tiles above.

Flip-top Sockets: with a lid that hinges open to reveal the chosen selection of sockets. The flap may be closed during operation, leaving only the cables visible. Pop-up Sockets: comprising a circular port which can be raised up to provide access to a vertical socket block.

Timber Cable Ports: 80mm diameter cable ports in veneer to match the top surface, positioned as required.

Flexible Cable Spines: to keep cables tidy where is it impractical to route them within the furniture we offer freestanding flexible cable spines that may be positioned wherever desired.

Sockets and Cables: we offer a comprehensive choice of suitable power and data sockets and connecting cables.

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